przez samokontrolę definiuję samotność

artur dunajewski / 20 / polska
aries sun / aqua moon / cancer rising
bisexual nonbinary intersex autistic
poly yet single :(
stachursky fan account
more philosophical than spiritual

when they cry / touhou / ace attorney / uri games / przygody reksia / ghost stories / super sentai / typical weeb shit
interested in everything obscure
i make edgy collages / primitivist watercolors / experimental synth laced w field recordings / postmodernist novels (so pretentious!)
wish i could make rpg maker games but as you can see a suck at coding and everything related
brutalism enjoyer / edgy fashion lover
dominant + sadistic + rigger

some random things i enjoy
taking a tram to the end of the line; drunken karaoke; singing along with the radio; trains and everything related
rainy evening walks; exploring small cities; small antique shops; cementeries and brutalism
getting all dressed up just to stay inside; garden parties; being too extra
customizing, rejuvenating and modifying old tech; hoarding old vases, teacups, etc.; collecting postcards and butterfly ornaments
campy, kitschy, old movies; also slashers, giallo and noir; movie nights; absurd crime shows
french poetry; taoism; shinto; and everything obscure!! :)

my socials
ask for my private twitter

other links
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ciekawostki thread